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YBC Times ... meeting Nov 9, 15:00

skickad 7 nov. 2011 13:10 av daniel.lundqvist@ybc-nacka.se   [ uppdaterad 8 nov. 2011 05:27 ]
Hi everyone,

I hope word has spread to you about the new up and coming YBC Newspaper. The paper will need budding writers, photographers, economists, journalists, columnists, artists, fashionistas, designers and anybody with enthusiasm to get it running. I am hoping to make this newspaper a tradition that will last and therefore I will need your help!

On wednesday 9th of November at 15:00 on floor 5, we will hold our first meeting to start to plan the new issue. We will talk about the new layout, sections and ideas within the newspaper and what you would most prefer to do to contribute.
Anyone interested in joining, from any year within YBC, is welcome to attend.

I hope to see you there!