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Wonderful Wednesday!

skickad 7 juni 2010 13:34 av Johanna Gagner

All IB-students!

On 9 june at 13.00 Wonderful Wednesday’s traditional picnic will be held at Sickla Sjö (basically by the lake, close to the tennis court. If you have trouble ask a teacher of an IB2). Most people are meeting up at torget plan 5 12.45. (The important thing is that you’re at Sickla sjö around 13.00)

Barbeque food will be supplied by the school as well as some footballs etc. Feel free to bring your own outdoor “toys”. We hope to start barbecuing properly around 14.00. 

Once the teachers have left, around 15.00, there will be a waterfight with the IB1s vs. the IB2s. For team purposes - IB2s should try to wear black t-shirts and IB1s should try to wear grey or white t-shirts. Don’t forget to bring some type of water bottle as your weapon! 
NOBODY HAS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WATER FIGHT. If you don’t want to be in the waterfight you are free to leave with the teachers. 

Wear practical clothes and shoes, preferably with swimming clothes underneath. 

See you on Wednesday! 

Tack så hemskt mycket!