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Visit to Edvard Anderson's Conservatory

skickad 1 dec. 2011 01:32 av Russell Hammerton   [ uppdaterad 1 dec. 2011 04:02 ]

The students studying ESS and biology (SL and HL) in IB2 are to visit the Edvard Anderson Conservatory at the Bergius botanical gardens on Wednesday, 7 December. There, they will have the chance to look at desert, tropical and equatorial plants in a range of different biomes (California, Western Australia, South Africa, and so on), as well as plants that are useful to humans (coffee bushes, tea plants, etc), insect-eating plants and so on. While there, the students will carry out activities that form a part of the practical requirement of their courses.

The outing is taking place on Wednesday, 7 December. Students should be on the train (the Saltsjöbanan) leaving Sickla Station at 11.41.

I recommend bringing a camera.

For more information, please contact Russell or Johan.