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Unikt besök på YBC - möt Ananda Giri

skickad 1 feb. 2011 10:43 av daniel.lundqvist@ybc-nacka.se

..... han är lärare till bl a Jim Carrey, Meg Ryan, Donna Karan NY, Hugh Jackman och har inspirerat välkända coacher som Tony Robbins.

Välkomna till ett mycket speciellt möte på YBC
Ett möte med Ananda Giri

"Awareness for an extraordinary life"

Fredag 18/2 kl 10-11 på YBC-torget plan 4

Ananda Giri
Born on 11th May 1976 in Andhra Pradesh, South India, Ananda Giri is an extremely gifted spiritual teacher who has been guiding individuals and groups into deeper states of awareness from as early as 13 years of age. Young in age, wise in timeless spirituality, he strikes a deep connection and rapport with audiences across all strata of society, and all parts of the world. He has helped thousands of people discover greater levels of happiness, fulfillment, success and love in relationships.

Over the past decade he has addressed spiritual conferences in various cities in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. He was recently invited to address at the prestigious Aspen Institute in Colorado, USA. He has even engaged in numerous rural development projects in South India, contributing to the social and spiritual development in around 150 villages.