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Make a film with students in another country!

skickad 26 sep. 2012 03:26 av Russell Hammerton   [ uppdaterad 26 sep. 2012 03:27 ]

Are you interested in making a film together with students in another country? The idea is to write a script together with students in a school in another country, film the scenes in our respective countries, and then edit a final product together with them. The work would be carried out using social media, shared documents, etc. Documentary, drama, comedy, there are many genre open to you.

How to put this into practice? The first step is to form a group to write a proposal and sell the idea. We are in contact with teachers in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, etc, who could help facilitate contact with students in their schools. This could be an interesting activity for CAS (creativity), or for anyone who has an interest in getting involved. If you are interested, please contact Russell.