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Luciatåg M7

skickad 30 nov. 2009 15:08 av daniel.lundqvist@ybc-nacka.se

Hello YBC students!
Lucia is coming up and we need YOUR help!
We are working on a collaboration with the other schools here at YBC (Rytmus and Vittra) to organize a Lucia choir. The idea is to mix the schools into one "parade" and walk up (or down) the M7 staircase and maybe into the different floors (into the lunch hall?) However these are some of the things we want to discuss with YOU at our first meeting which we will arrange as fast as we know who's interested! 

We promise it will be a success. 
We need girls AND boys.
This is a great way for IB students to collect CAS hours (creativity).

Please send me an email before Thursday this week, together with your name and class if you are interested! 

Looking forward!
Sara L, Sissi IB2A