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Kroto lecture a great success

skickad 17 dec. 2009 01:23 av Peter Morris   [ uppdaterad 17 dec. 2009 11:17 ]
Harry Kroto's lecture on Wednesday was well received by the many students who attended.  One student's relections ...

"Mr. Harry Kroto is an intimidating person who seems to have lived a full life according to his believes, his believes in evidence and righteous motives, and he has, because of his discoveries and the influence his gotten because of them, been able to make a difference in others’.

He surely made a difference in mine. He made me think and I don’t agree with him that it would make me dislike him in anyway. It just made me question my earlier assumptions about science and the meaning with it.I now realise that the true skill do not lie in how much fact I can find and reflect upon. This may also be important but the truly difficult part is to ask the right question. No question may be dumb but they may be more or less accurate. That is a true skill; to be able to ask the right one.

The facts and the reflections, the analysis and the assumptions are just a way to find out what might be correct in light of the evidence. A way to understand the question better and the underlying truths. It is a way to find the new most accurate question, to continue to develop and not accept the world as it is today, because, as Mr. Kroto said: “It is the young who changed the world.” Josefine  Jacobson IB1b

Great comments Josefine.

For those who do not know, Harry won the Nobel Prize in 1996 for his part in the discovery of the C60 "buckyball" molecule. He spoke to the students in the morning about "Science, Society and Sustainability" in which he pointed out the important role science and scientists play in the creation of the modern technological world we live in and for the solutions we must find to help solve the many environmental issues that face us in the future. Harry stressed the way science works in using evidence, and only evidence, to create explanations for how the world works and how many other fields of thought have closed their eyes to many possibilities whereas science keeps these doors to future possibilities open.
In the afternoon Harry elaborated on the morning's theme in a lecture to Chemistry and Physics students.

YBC appreciates the role played by Akzo Nobel in sponsoring Harry's visit and we hope for a continued cooperation in the coming years to have other well known and recognised personalities to present our annual Xmas lecture.