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Intercultural compentence in business

skickad 26 sep. 2013 03:53 av Russell Hammerton   [ uppdaterad 26 sep. 2013 03:53 ]

YBC is starting a project in collaboration with five other schools in Europe: Intercultural competence in business. Our partner schools are located in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Turkey. After getting to know each other, our students will be setting up a model company that has branches in each of our respective countries. Through this business, students will explore intercultural differences in the way that companies operate.

It is intended that the project will involve students in a number of different roles. Activities in the project may be a part of the CAS component, studies in Business & Management or of language, or be undertaken just out of interest.

Students in our respective countries will be communicating with each other in a number of ways, including Skype and different digital media. An initial conference in Bratislava is being planned, at which four student representatives will be present.

The project is funded by the EU as part of the Comenius programme. The European Commission and the Swedish Council for Higher Education are warmly thanked for approving the project.

The photograph was taken in Budapest, during an earlier, British Council funded project.

For more information, please contact Russell, Tim or Helena.