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Exciting new ideas for CAS

skickad 14 mars 2011 09:17 av Russell Hammerton

Looking for ideas for CAS? Here are some exciting new opportunities. If any interest you, please contact Russell.

Activities with students of Sfi – Swedish for Immigrants

Our neighbours on floor 5 are Eductus, a school providing persons recently arrived in the country the chance to learn the Swedish language and to have a better understanding of Swedish society.

They have a wide range of interesting activities in which you could become involved and which could be excellent for CAS. Activities could include taking a walk or visiting a shop with an Sfi student, talking about an aspect of Swedish culture or society, providing an opportunity to practice key words, or explaining an aspect of Swedish language – perhaps in another language.

Both native-speakers of Swedish and those who have another mother tongue are warmly welcome.

A greener YBC

YBC has the ambition to become more environmentally friendly. Would you like involved? There are many activities that you could carry out that could be good for CAS. This could include improving our recycling routines, writing about environmental issues in YBC Times, making film reports, carrying out information campaigns, reducing our use of limited resources, investigating our carbon footprint, and so on. Maybe you have some ideas of your own? Let us know.

Event committee

Be part of the committee organising a fabulous event for prospective students at YBC. The event will take place in April, during early spring. You will have the opportunity to work closely with a PR consultant, who will guide you through the process.

Contact with Institut International de Lancy

Institut International de Lancy (ILL) is a bilingual (French-English) school in Geneva, Switzerland, that is interested in closer contact with us at YBC. Would you like to get to know some of their students? Maybe you have some ideas for projects that you could do together via the web?