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Applying for university in the UK

skickad 20 sep. 2012 06:49 av Russell Hammerton

At 17.00 this Monday we will hold a lecture on how to apply to universities in Great Britain. The lecture is for ALL students at the school, but will be held in english as it is more convenient. We will go through the entire application process, from picking a university to tracking your offers. If you are in grade XX10, you should have already started (if you want to apply to year 13/14). If you are in grade XX11, we recommend you to be at this lecture, especially the Oxford/Cambridge-applicants as you have to start applying soon. Grade XX12 are of course also welcome, and it is good to start as soon as possible. It is for your own sake, it won't take longer than one and a half hour and it will save you a lot of unnecessary research and stress. We are both close to finishing up our applications, and we feel confident in answering questions and explaining the process. So, if you are interested in applying to Great Britain, we meet in Aula 5 17.00. See you there! 

/Amanda and Joakim, IB10A